Tornadoes and Other Surprising Things

tornado350Today my husband and I are returning home from a TV interview in Little Rock, Arkansas. Joy is in my heart for two reasons. The interview went well and the spring leaves on the trees are bright green on both sides of the road creating a beautiful arch for us to travel through. Thank you, Father, for these blessings.

While in Little Rock, we stopped to visit with my uncle in the Veteran’s Hospital who has been extremely ill for the past half year. He has made a surprising recovery and now needs to strengthen his lungs and legs in order to go home. Father, please give my Uncle Cam inner strength and healing — may he persevere in this difficult time of rebuilding his muscles.

On the news, I heard about the teacher Rhonda Crosswhite in Moore, Oklahoma, who sheltered four children under her body during the tornado on Monday as she prayed out loud, “Please don’t take these kids today.” Everything was destroyed around them except the bathroom they were in. Wow, Father! I praise and thank you for your mercy and protection.

The bottom line is this. Sometimes we know in advance that something scary is about to happen and other times we don’t. Sometimes we know happy times are coming and other times we are surprised by joy. There is just no way we can be totally prepared for all the twists and turns of life.

That is why I love knowing and trusting you. Father. You go with me through the good and through the bad. You are my safe place and my strength. Thank you so much. For those who have been surprised by trouble in this last week of tornadoes, may they accept your hand of help today. Give me opportunities to help also. Amen.

A tunnel of leaves arching over my path;

A teacher who sheltered and prayed for her class;

A loved one’s sick body with new strength each day;

I see YOU at work in incredible ways.

Psalm 46:1-3