Quirky, Meaningful Relationships

Relationships. If there is anything to be learned from taking a closer look at the lives of Jesus’ disciples, this is it — meaningful relationships are what make life worthwhile. And

When Life Feels Uncertain

Life feels very uncertain. Things around me that have provided a daily sense of confidence and strength are sick, shaky, turned upside down, and in danger of vanishing altogether. My dear,

Prayer is Priceless

Keith and I were brainstorming about possible prayer slogans a while back. We started with the concept that “talk is cheap.” This spurred the thought, “Yeah, but prayer is priceless.” There is so
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Coming to Perfect Balance

“You are to be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect!” This is the teaching of Jesus in his famous Sermon on the Mount. (Matthew 5:48)  At first glance, this feels

Meandering Persistence

Water! Water is my inspiration. Not a gushing mighty river, but a winding, meandering stream that courses it’s way through flat, uncharted territory to find its way to the sea. It is easy to fall