Unite My Heart

2 signs FI michaelaw2 or 1. Which is better?

It depends on whether I desire tacos or wisdom.

When I’m hungry for tacos, 2 is great! But when I’m hungry for wisdom, 2 or more options — not so good.

In Psalm 86:11 David prayed, “Unite my heart to fear your name.”

A united heart is the exact opposite of a torn heart. Have you ever said that before? “My heart is torn.”

It means I can’t make up mind – I don’t know which choice to make. It is the same thing as doublemindedness: needing to make a decision, but sitting on the fence of indecision. That is where wisdom comes in.

Wisdom is the uniting of the mind in the best course of action. It is the consideration of many factors for choosing the best route — and then committing to it. And when it comes to wisdom, God promises he will generously give it to anyone who asks — no exceptions, no favorites. The only requirement is that I believe he will grant my request — that he will indeed give me wisdom when I ask. (James 1:5-8)

So here are some tips.
1) Talk to God about the area of your life that is not united.
2) Ask God to give you wisdom.
3) Wait on God to infuse his thoughts into yours. (Gobble up as much Scripture on the topic as possible and listen to the different thoughts and people God sends your way.)
4) Patiently wrestle through your different options. Speak out loud about them with a trusted friend.
5) Wait on God some more. (This means go about life, continually lifting your concerns to God as they arise.)
6) Grab hold of your new found wisdom and act on it. (You will know it when it comes, because there will be a quiet resolve — a unified heart and mind.)

Note: Pray for wisdom in the moment, but if you constantly find yourself needing wisdom within an extreme time crunch, reevaluate your expectations. And remember, God is not your employee — and that life, along with wisdom, are things to be pursued, not inhaled.