Meandering Persistence

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Water is my inspiration. Not a gushing mighty river, but a winding, meandering stream that courses it’s way through flat, uncharted territory to find its way to the sea.

It is easy to fall into the mindset that my little efforts don’t matter — that the inch I just progressed after two weeks of effort doesn’t make any difference.

But honestly, this is often the only way a new route is born — the only way a worthy dream becomes a reality. It is all about persistence.

And persistence is absolutely essential in prayer as well! — because we are not only getting to know the most incredible Person in the universe, but we are also joining Him in changing our world — in bringing to pass spiritual change in the lives of struggling people (both in our lives and the lives of others). And the push back in the spiritual realm is enormous.

But just like water keeps pushing its way out — sometimes against the most obstinate terrain and through the most unusual crazy course ever conceived — so pray-ers must persist in their efforts to push back against every possible discouragement, every surprising obstacle, every seen and unseen enemy of God — and claim that new spiritual territory.

The new territory we seek may be consistent, daily prayer — or interrupting our routine to pray in the moment — or believing that our prayers matter — or capturing hateful thoughts and exposing them to God’s light — or denying our self-centered desires — or praying out loud with other people — or being thankful when everything is going wrong — or setting another person free from blame who has hurt us — or faithfully memorizing and meditating on the Scriptures  or praying with our children. Whatever it is, we must be persistent. We must not give up. We must keep pressing forward.

So even when I don’t see great gains, even though I might go back and forth, back and forth in meandering, bow-like movements — just like that winding stream of water, I will persistently persevere. I will continue pushing forward in my quest to effectively pray to the living God.