God at Work

You want to talk to God. Great! Now what? First, get to know him better for what he has done.

It makes sense. After all, when you want to get to know another person, you watch them at work in their world. The same is true of God. If you want to know him better and build a meaningful relationship with him, then take the time to observe what he has done and is still doing in the world around you. Here is how you begin.

Consider and learn more about things like these:

1 eyeball 1221586_15421511 FI1 958847_42011019 color FI1) The intricate details of the human eyeball.

2) The precise movement of the earth around the sun.

3) The wondrous beauty of the color spectrum.

4) The remarkable capacity of every plant to reseed itself.

1 1415518_82488933 FI Capybara Rain1 464635_33397100 Universe FI5) The place that water plays in sustaining life on earth.

6) The built in ability of birds to migrate and nest.

7) The vastness of the universe.

8) The variety of organisms that live beneath a log.

9) The complicated, but learnable code that is written within the DNA of our cells.

As you discover more about God’s world and the things he has designed, talk to him about them. Praise him for them. Continue to marvel and learn more. Thank him for making you part of such an interesting and creative universe — and pray that you will grow in your ability to faithfully care for all that he has entrusted you with.

Check out this chorus to God from the universe hosted by Lou Giglio.