Lego City Advent Calendar and Christmas: A Perfect Pairing

Christmas and Lego just seem to go together at our house. They always have — since the early 80’s when our children were little. It started with Duplo and then advanced to all the interesting Lego sets. And even more important than the blocks themselves were the instruction sheets that Katherine and Justin referred to as “maps.”

Sure, we took a break when our kids went off to college in the early 2000’s, but every now and again when we gathered for Christmas after all the gifts were opened, there was the old Army trunk full of Lego in the middle of the room with Katherine , Justin, and Dad building away. The crunching sound of the shifting blocks as hands dug down deep to find just the right piece is one of my favorite Christmas memories.

Lego Maniacs Arise

Then several years before the Lego Movie came out, I thought it would be a fun throwback memory to get Keith and the kids each a mega-sized Lego set for Christmas. You should have seen their eyeballs pop in sheer pleasure as each one opened their big boxes. You would have thought I had given them cruise trips around the world. That is when we officially became Lego Maniacs in the Bonner household — as I had unknowingly awakened in my husband a retirement pastime passion.

Shop around for the best price. We found this one at Target for $29.99. Click here for Target Online.

Shop around for the best price. We found this one at Target for $29.99.

The Legendary Lego Dungeon

From that time on, if Keith was missing, that is where I would inevitably find him — down in the Lego Dungeon unwinding from the day with all of his beloved ships, castles, etc. displayed around him. Garage sales took on new meaning. Ebay became the ultimate Lego scavenger hunt. That is why when the Lego Movie came out, we decided to wait to see it until we could all go together as a family. And when we saw the father played by Will Ferrell stomp down the stairs into his Lego World, we lost it in uncontrolled cackling and hilarious laughter.

Lego Advent Calendars

This year, when we discovered Lego Advent Calendars, they were a no brainer, because Lego and Christmas are ultimate companions in the Bonner household. Since I think the best Advent Calendars are those that include timeless readings from the Scriptures, however, I have taken the liberty of pairing the 24 gift packets in the Lego City Advent Calendar with Lego City Advent Calendar Verses — linked together by a common theme.

For instance, in Window #1 is a packet of Lego blocks that combine to make a boy holding a letter to mail. The Bible reading for that day is I John 3:18 — Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth. The red words provide the common link from the Scriptures to a part of the toy in the Lego packet — the link here being dear and words with the letter to mail. (For older kids, I have included a Bible passage list without the red words on the same pdf for those who want to figure out the common link themselves. Choose the one that fits your children best.)

Seeing God in Everyday Life

To see God in everyday life and apply his teachings in the Scriptures are truly important skills for parents to pass onto their children. This Advent Season, join our family in learning about God through this fun and intriguing method. And the Christmas story itself? I am providing a second set of Advent Calendar Verses for it. Read each day’s passage about the coming of Jesus in conjunction with the Lego reading on the same day, or wait to read Luke 1:5-2:40 on Christmas Day as the ultimate fulfillment of the Advent Season.

Jesus is the Reason for the Season

From our house to yours – may Jesus be the reason for the season and naturally flow through every part of your lives. Have a very Merry Christmas this year and an Amazing New Year in 2015!

With heaps of love, Susan Case Bonner