A Morning Song

1436528_87774735 FI MorningDo you have a morning song? A song that often flows from your heart when you first wake up in the morning?

I have several that God uses as a reverse lullaby – a first greeting to Him – a tone-setter for the new day of life the Lord has so graciously given me. This is the story behind one of my favorites:

It was 1974. As was her custom, young wife and mother, Laurie Klein, sat down to interact with the Lord there in her mobile home in central Oregon. But this particular morning, she felt spiritually empty — like she had nothing to offer God. So she asked if He would like to hear her sing — if He would give her a song that He was in the mood to hear. These words (along with the now famous melody) flowed spontaneously from her soul.

I love You Lord
and I lift my voice
To worship You
O my soul, rejoice!

Being deeply moved, she went to get a pen. When she came back to write down what she had just sung, this last verse spilled out as well.

Take joy, my King,
In what you hear —
May it be a sweet, sweet sound
In Your ear.

Years later when asked about the incredible popularity of the song, Laurie shared, “I feel like God not only gave me the song, but He kissed it.”

Amen to that!

Thank you, Lord, for the morning song you placed in Laurie’s heart — and as a result, mine as well. I love you!